Aaron's Story

The best people to tell you what it’s really like to live and learn at Birmingham, are our students. Meet Aaron a Care Leaver from Birmingham who is currently studying Law at our University.  


What do you think is the best thing about Birmingham’s campus?
The history the campus has with the visions of progression in the future. It has various types of equipment which can be accessed twenty-four seven in the new library.

Was Birmingham’s campus part of the reason you chose to study here? And if so, was there any aspect in particular which stood out?
Yes, having everything as a central body allows for a nice community vibe. Everything is in a walkable distance, this allows for easy access to lectures, to the gym to anything you actually need.

What is the social life like on campus?
Socially here at the University of Birmingham we have two student union lead this including Sports Night (sports teams fancy dress) and Fab (where friends meet to socialise). These occur on nights Wednesday and Saturday starting at 23:00 - 04:00!

City of Birmingham

What do you love most about Birmingham?
I love the diversity that Birmingham has! This includes the different communities like the University of Birmingham. Also, China Town!

What surprised you when you came on an Open Day?
This size of the campus! It contains so many places of study all of which are available to use all the time.

If a prospective student was in Birmingham for one day/night only, what would you recommend they do?
I would recommend a new student to visit the town including the bullring and the following shops. You’d also want to see the world-famous Cadbury World factory and the town of Bournville. In the evening, you would want to visit Broad Street, seeing all the local pubs and nightclubs.

Would you consider staying in Birmingham after you graduate?
Yes, Birmingham will always be home being from the local area.

What is Birmingham liking to live in, as a student?
It’s a unique experience which cannot be compared too. Birmingham has a vibe which cannot be replicated.

If you could describe Birmingham in one word or phrase, what would it be?
Unbelievable Jeff!


What accommodation did you live in?
Liberty Court.

What is your experience of living in University accommodation?
It was an experience within itself. It was enjoyable living with people who are the same age and who are going through the same experiences you are.

What did you enjoy the most about living in any type student accommodation?
The communal areas where we could socialise and make new friends. These friendships will be present in the entirety of your lives.

Where did you live in your 2nd/3rd year?
Private housing in Selly Oak. This let me experience living our own homes and living an adult life. 

Were you on Meal Plan? If so, what was this like- and if not, how did you find self catered accommodation?
Self catered was great! I was able to budget money to my needs, making more savings compared to people who were on meal plan.

Cost of Living

Do you think Birmingham is good value for money?
Yes! Most definitely, the city of Birmingham has cheap goods and services both within Selly Oak and Birmingham town.

Where do you do most of your shopping?
Aldi! For adhering to my budget this tends to mean I am limited in the money I can spend on food shopping.

Do you cook more or go out for food?
University life is a mix of both of these worlds. You can cook or can choose to do whatever you want. There are so many choices in Birmingham!

What do you make when you cook for yourself?
Everything from curries to full English Breakfasts!

Teaching and Learning

How are you taught?
We are taught with a mixture of lectures with a large cohort or seminars with a smaller group.

What are the teaching facilities like on campus for you - have you used any of the new facilities?
The Library which is open 24/7 allows for studying whenever needed. The Old Gym is a brand-new teaching space opened in 2019! This space has brand new equipment allowing for a new area for studying to take place!

Have you taken part in any of the schemes offered by UoB? And if so, what was your experience of this?
I took part in Access to Birmingham (A2B)!  This was a good experience as I was able to develop university skills before attending the University of Birmingham! Also, it gave me a lowered offer to get onto my degree program!