Choosing a degree course

Picking the right subject can help you discover what you want to do with your life. You’ll be studying your course for at least three years, so choose something you really love!

Choosing a Course and a University

Think about what you enjoy

Traditional subjects aren’t the only ones on offer – passionate about sports or computing? You can study them too. If you can’t decide on one subject, you could even do a joint honours degree. There are over 50,000 courses you can apply for through UCAS, so get hunting.

Think outside your subject

Doing a history degree doesn’t mean you have to become a historian, for example. You could find a career as an archaeologist, journalist or tour guide instead. The skills you learn while studying at uni will be useful in a range of different jobs.

Think about your career

Many careers need a specific degree, but it’s not essential to study a course in that area. Up to up to 70% of graduates find jobs that aren’t related to their degree subject, so don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start.

Think about open days

Got more questions about your course? Visit your chosen uni during an open day, and ask students and staff what studying the subject is really like. You could even take part in a taster seminar.

Search for a course using our handy Course Finder. For more tips on choosing the right degree, and which subjects could lead to possible careers, download our junior prospectus.