Life at uni

There’s a lot more to uni than just studying, although that is important. Check out some of the best bits of university life.

You’re totally independent

Not only do you have more freedom to study whatever you like, you also choose what to do with your spare time, no one tells you when to get up or get home, and you decide what to do with your money

You live away from home

Most undergraduates either live in halls of residence on campus – normally during your first year – or in shared housing with other students. You’ll learn about cooking for yourself and how to live with other people apart from your family, although many students now decide to study near home to cut their uni costs.

You can explore new hobbies

Uni gives you the chance to join all sorts of clubs and societies. From using the sports facilities to signing up for dance, photography or the student newspaper, being at uni allows you to try something new. You could even discover a hidden talent!

You become part of a community

Joining the Students’ Union or the Guild of Students, and studying a subject with others who are also passionate about it, can help you feel like you really belong. You’ll gain a lot more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

You make lifelong friends

Being a student is great fun; the social life is brilliant and you’ll create some amazing memories. There’s always something to do or someone to hang out with – you may even meet your future husband or wife...