A level revision resources: collated for students by students

Learning how to revise effectively can make a big difference to your final grades. To help, we've gathered recommendations from A level students on the revision resources they have used. Other students have found these to be useful and so they might be for you too.




  • You can access a lot of content without registration. To view revision guides and question banks, you can register quickly, for free online.
  • S-cool is a fun site which allows for a clear navigation of the many topics covered in GCSE and A-level specifications. The site covers individual topics in great detail making the user feel at ease learning new materials, or revisiting old material that they have covered previously.
  • S-cool also contains a forum-style section where other students can share their concerns and help others. 


  • No registration required.
  • ‘Sumanas inc’ is a great site for those who prefer to learn visually. The site contains animated tutorials in a variety of formats for many scientific disciplines.

Biology guide

  • No registration required.
  • This site is great for those who are studying on the AQA specification as it particularly focuses around their syllabus. It is packed full of revision notes and explores individual topics in great detail. 

AQA AS Biology Textbook

  • Hard copies from £14.00 or try your local library.
  • This textbook covers the first half of the Biology A level syllabus (Units 1, 2 and 3). This textbook contains an abundance of information and wider reading as well as a mass of practice questions to help students to feel exam ready. 

CGP AS-Level Biology AQA Revision Guide

  • Hard copies from £2.00 or try your local library.
  • The CGP revision guides and course materials are extremely useful for students who are learning complex information as it simplifies it in a way that no other resource has yet mastered.
  • This book is easy to read as it is full of funny jokes and facts which make revising more enjoyable. 

Mrs Miller's blog

  • No registration required.
  • This site is mainly focussed around the OCR specification and contains information around units 1, 2, 4 and 5. There is a forum-style section for students to ask their peers questions and give answers in return as well as a wealth of past papers. 

Business studies


  • No registration required.
  • This website is an in-depth revision resource for A-level business students. Students can complete quizzes, read forums and download articles to complement their other revision techniques.



  • No registration required.
  • This website is very detailed and identifies other resources which are sharing incorrect or outdated information and suggests the correct materials to use. The site also contains links to the syllabuses of many exam boards which means it is accessible and useful to all students. 

Doc Brown

  • No registration required.
  • Doc brown is a website dedicated to all three science subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It provides the user with summarised notes (useful for making flash cards) and practice questions to further their knowledge and understanding.
  • The site provides resources from a wide range of exam boards including AQA, Edexcel, Chemistry, CCEA, OCR, WJEC, CIE and Salters from GCSE level to A2.

CGP A-Level Chemistry AQA Complete Revision & Practice

  • Hard copies from £2.00 or try your local library.
  • The CGP Chemistry Revision Guide contains summarised information from across the AQA syllabus and is provided in an easy to read format and not just large blocks of text. The revision guide also provides practice questions (some from past tests).


Economics online

  • No registration required.
  • Economics online is an A-Level based revision site for students offering regular updates, news and blogs. When a user enters the site they are welcomed with a clear and simple homepage.
  • There are sub-headings which lead to subsections which cover the entire syllabus for A-level Economics.
  • All explanations are clear and easy to understand, with diagrams and even videos which fully detail each topic.  


  • You can access a lot of content without registration. To view revision guides and question banks, you can register quickly, for free online.
  • This free to use website requires registration. It is easy to navigate and includes practice questions and revision resources. After registering, the site tracks each user’s progress.
  • There is also a forum where students can discuss topics with their peers, ask for help and give advice. 


  • The online resource is free to access. You can pay an optional subscription for additional, expert tuition.
  • Tutor2u covers a wide variety of subjects. The economic section includes: study notes, revision quizzes, study presentations, revision videos, exam technique advice and practice exam questions.
  • This web based resource has an ‘economics homepage’ with clear news articles related to economics A-level which can be used as examples during exams.
  • Tutor2u also offers 1-day intensive A-level coaching and revision workshops. At a price of £2 per day, the workshop offers expert advice and an array of hand outs to complete, by the pupil, inside and outside the workshop.
  • Tutor2u on YouTube

Anforme revision Guide to AS Economics

  • Hard copies from £8.00 or try your local library.
  • This textbook written by Peter Cramp covers 3 separate exam boards, OCR, AQA and Edexcel. The information is lengthy but written in an easy to digest format.

Pajholden on YouTube

  • No registration required.
  • Paj Holden is an economics teacher based in Athens, Greece. He uploads hundreds of videos related to A-level topics on his YouTube channel. 

EconplusDal on YouTube

  • No registration required.
  • Economics tutorial videos suitable for students at AS, A and IB Level. 

English language


  • No registration required.
  • This site covers all aspects of the English Language A-level course. The homepage provides links to downloadable and printable resources to aid revision for this subject. 



  • You can access a lot of content without registration. To view revision guides and question banks, you can register quickly, for free online.
  • On this site, topics are laid out according to syllabus and cover each aspect of the course (listening, reading, writing and grammar).
  • S-cool provides plenty of opportunity for students to complete practise questions and revise subtopics. There is a section dedicated to exam tips and users can print off revision sheets too.  


Revision world

  • Registration is free, fast and easy.
  • The website is very clear and simple to navigate, perfect for younger students, or perhaps the less technology orientated teachers. 
  • The website offers very detailed explanations for each focus area, which are in perfect form for revision notes. Some topics are laid out in bullet points and others in paragraph form. 
  • Overall, this website is extremely useful for teachers to use for resource planning, as well as for students to revise from. 

The History Learning site

  • No registration required.
  • The history learning site offers great explanations, a clear layout and a vast amount of information.
  • The site’s homepage offers not only History A-level and GCSE topics, but also a more detailed analysis of current affairs and history which is present in the news e.g. Remembrance Day. Once on the website, the user can quickly search for a topic area and it is likely to have a subsection devoted to it.


  • No registration required.
  • This history revision site is essentially a large blog where information surrounding A-Level topics are discussed. Useful sources are published here and are available for anyone to access and use a revision source.
  • There are plenty of categories to choose from on the homepage, such as; A2 Nazi State, AS USSR and exam technique which is very useful. 
  • Once you’ve clicked on a topic, you can see files uploaded by fellow historians which are considered to be useful sources. Each file also comes with a short description to help you understand what it contains.Many of the files are in PowerPoint format or Microsoft Word-based which is perfect for revision notes.


AS Geography for Edexcel Student Book

  • Hard copies from £24.00 or try your local library.
  • This resource (by Bob Digby) which follows the Edexcel syllabus can be used as a textbook during class to aid the teaching of the course and is not specifically designed as a revision textbook. 
  • The textbook clearly underlines the most important sections within the AS-Level specification. 

Revision world

  • You don’t have to register to see a large majority of the resources. If you want to access all areas, registration is free, fast and easy. 
  • Revision World is a very clear website which offers various online teaching methods. 
  • The GCSE Geography section has links to each and every topic in the specification. The website also has a subject guide where users can ask and answer questions; this is a useful method of peer learning.

Geography AS notes

  • No registration required.
  • This is a simple and easy to use web-based revision resource that focuses purely on AS topics. It was a free website built by a student studying Geophysics at Leeds University. The website has 4 units; Coasts, Health issues, Population and Rivers. Each unit has various subsections which delve into each topic in greater detail than many textbooks.
  • The site also has a separate area primarily for case studies which is extremely useful when preparing study notes


LNAT How to prepare

  • No registration required.
  • This is the official LNAT website which gives tips to potential law students about preparing for the test.

Maths and Further Maths

Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics

  • Hard copies from £8.00 or try your local library.
  • Edexcel produce a text book for each module such as Core, Further Pure, Mechanics and Stats. Each copy provides annotated step by step instructions on each part of the module and builds it up at a good pace. It has lots of questions to practice the techniques required and ends each section with a mixed exam questions exercise 

Pure Mathematics

  • Hard copies from £11.00 or try your local library.
  • Another very useful textbook which is really useful for practice. This gives the user exercises to build their knowledge leading to exam style questions at the end of each chapter.

Exam solutions

  • No registration required.
  • ‘Exam solutions’ is a free website which has over 3500 video tutorials. The tutorials are clear and go through each topic at a steady pace. There are also lots of practice questions and past papers that users can access.

Physics & Maths Tutor

  • No registration required.
  • This website offers revision notes, work sheets and questions. It has lots of past papers from a variety of boards and questions to keep the user busy for months.


  • No registration required.
  • This is a useful site with a clear layout to make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for. It has ‘chapter assessments’ to revise certain topics as well as lots of past papers to go through for exam preparation. The site even incorporates tips on how best to revise.


AQA Music

  • No registration required.
  • The AQA website is a great place to get revision material from for all subjects that are examined through the AQA board.
  • The music section includes:
    • Specifications
    • New Past Papers on the latest specification
    • Old Past papers from the previous specification
    • Subject content
  • The AQA website focuses on practice before the main exam. Doing past papers is often the best type of revision. AQA also offer notes on their specification which is helpful as it is refined and detailed. As well as this, it also provides good analysis material  

AQA AS Music Revision Guide

  • Hard copies from £6.00 or try your local library.
  • The guide is designed to prepare the user fully for the AQA AS Music qualification. Written in a clear and concise manner by an experienced examiner, it includes:
    • An introduction to the exam that explains what to expect
    • Comprehensive guidance on preparing for each unit
    • Guidance on how to interpret questions and write good essays, including sample questions with annotated answers, and more practice questions
    • A comprehensive glossary

Philosophy and Ethics/ Religious Studies

MrMcMillanREvis on YouTube

  • No registration required.
  • This is a good source of videos to help students studying Religious Studies or Philosophy and Ethics in the UK. Primarily this is for students studying 'Philosophy of Religion' on the Edexcel AS exam, but is also suitable for students studying other exam boards (e.g. AQA, OCR).



  • The online resource is free to access. You can pay an optional subscription for additional, expert tuition.
  • Concise notes (useful to give an over view of the topic before revising specific parts). Easy and quick to find what you are looking for as it is sectioned into subtopics. Good definitions of terminology. Read to broaden knowledge of whole subject, has information on current affairs in politics.   

Philip Allan magazines

  • There are various subscription options available in print or digital format. 
  • These journals require a subscription. The journals which are relevant to current syllabi provide a helpful tool for essay writing as they contain counter arguments and opposing views to ideologies.
  • The pieces can be read to broaden knowledge of politics in its entirety whilst providing detail on current affairs.

AQA AS/A2 Government & Politics Student Unit Guide 

  • Hard copies from £9.00 or try your local library.
  • These textbooks provide helpful statistics and examples of quotes for students to reference in their exams. The books include 4 separate topics which mirror the syllabus.
  • The language used is compact and straight to the point, unlike some politics text books which use very technical and confusing jargon. 


Get into Medical School

  • Hard copies from £12.00 or try your local library.
  • This textbook is the number 1 revision guide for students who are preparing to complete the UK CAT test. This resource includes 1250 UKCAT Practice Questions as well as a full mock exam, comprehensive tips, techniques and explanations.


  • Subscription required. Prices start from £30.00
  • This site covers all 5 UKCAT Sections as well as feedback to help students improve their exam technique, exam screen layout to ensure familiarisation with screen display and  timed exam practice.