Summer Schools

There are a variety of summer schools and short-term programmes available to students at the University of Birmingham based in our partner institutions across the world. These are potentially excellent opportunities to gain academic, cultural and social experiences if you are not able to access longer term exchange opportunities. Please see below some examples of the summer schools opportunities offered by our partners. 

To Note: 

There may be bursaries available for summer schools offered at our U21 partner institutions. Please visit International Relations Summer Bursaries for further information.  

Some Summer Schools offer tuition fee waivers where students attending are classified as exchange students. Please check with the partner instiution directly if you are eligible for the fee waiver. 

You should research the full costs, eligibility criteria and application process before you apply to any of them. 


McGill University 

International Summer Program 

The International Summer Program at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill is designed to provide international undergraduate students the opportunity to gain critical North American perspectives on issues of global importance.

For information please visit McGill website

The University of British Columbia

UBC Vancouver Summer Program

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four week academic program offered at the University of British Columbia, Canada for cohorts of international students to study at UBC. The program provides the opportunity for cooperating universities to organize groups of students to take two academic courses in various UBC Faculties while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

For information please visit the VSP website

China (Mainland) 

Beijing Normal University Zhuhai 

BNUZ International Chinese Studies Summer Program

This is a truly international program that features classroom instruction by foreign and Chinese professors, as well as field trips and internship opportunities in Chinese companies.  All credit courses are taught in English with an opportunity to improve Chinese language skills in a short time of period.

For information please visit BNUZ website. 

Fudan University

Fudan University International Summer Session 

Fudan University International Summer Session 2016 provides a 4-week course study and cultural experience to students from all over the world. Students will have the opportunity to get to know China, experience Shanghai and be part of the Fudan community. 

For information please vist Fudan University website

Jinan University

Jinan University Summer Session

Jinan University Summer Session offers over 50 courses each summer, in a wide variety of disciplines.  Students from all around the world attend Jinan University in the summer and big portion of students are visitors (non-Jinan University students).

For information please visit Jinan University website. 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

SJTU International Summer Session

International Summer Session is a 3- week credit program taught in English for International and Chinese students. The theme is "Traditional and Modern China"

For information please visit SJTU website

Sun Yat-sen University

International Summer Program 

SYSU international summer program will offer you an excellent opportunity to enrich your knowledge and understanding of various China-related topics like Chinese language, business management, politics and culture. You will also participate in a wide range of group projects and cultural activities with Chinese and international students, experience the essence of Chinese culture, satisfy your intellectual curiosity and explore many facets of the university, the city and even the country. 

For information please visit SYSU website

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

UNNC International Summer School 

The Summer School will give you the chance to study a new subject overseas while learning about a different culture first-and. The Summer School includes a number of trips that will provide you with a fantastic chance to explore this amazing country at a time of rapid change. 

As part of our Summer Schools we include a number of trips that will provide you with a fantastic chance to explore this amazing country at a time of rapid change.

For information please visit UNNC website. 


Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3 

French society and identity Summer School  


French society and identity Summer School 2016 will give participants the opportunity to discover French culture and society through interesting courses in English focusing on business and law-related topics, the humanities and political science. By way of added value, the programme contains also around 10 hours of French language classes and seeks to attract participants with same basic knowledge of French. However, absolute beginners can be integrated.

The academic experience goes hand in hand with tasty and entertaining cultural activities

For further information please visit the French Society and identity Summer School website


Goethe University

Frankfurt Summer School 

During the four weeks participants will discover the city of Frankfurt, take part in a diverse cultural programme, attend German language courses, and seminars provided by researchers and lecturers from Goethe University as well as from partner universities cooperating with Goethe University within the programme of Strategic Partnerships.

For further information please visit Goethe University website. 

Hong Kong 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

International Summer School

The CUHK International Summer School (ISS) provides you with an exceptional opportunity to combine high-quality learning with an unforgettable summer experience. While attending, students can learn and live alongside other academic achievers from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

For information please visit CUHK website. 

University of Hong Kong

HKU Summer Institute 

HKU Summer Institute offers a wide range of programmes from different faculties, providing quality learning and rare chances to study abroad for students. The programmes are open to all undergraduates and secondary students and are best suited for students who are looking to expand their academic and cultural horizons during summer in one of the most vibrant cities in Asia.

For information please visit HKU website


Universitas Gadjah Mada

UGM DREaM International Students Summer Program 

The 8th UGM DREaM International Students Summer Program will highlight "Managing The Blue Planet: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management for Security, Prosperity and Peace" as the main theme. The program consists of public lecture, internship, action plan workshop, cultural events, and also community service that provides opportunity for participants to live with the locals and experience various activities in the village.

For information please visit the Dream UGM website


Waseda University

Waseda Summer Session

You can take part in the courses which cover a variety of interests including business, culture, economics, history, literature and politics in the context of Japan and Asia. The courses are taught in English by experienced faculty members from Waseda and visiting professors from our partner institutions

For information please visit the Waseda University webiste. 


Ewha Womans University

Co-ed Summer College for International Students 

Ewha ISc offers two summer sessions. Session I is a month-long program designed for global minded students who desire to pursue both academic and cultural endeavors.  Session 2 “Introductory Korean Studies” is a two-week program designed to provide students with an enriching opportunity to learn about and experience Korean culture, language, and history.

For information please visit Ewha ISC.  

Korea University

International Summer Campus (ISC)

Recognized as the leading summer program in Asia, the ISC program is a six-week condensed semester hosted on KU’s beautiful state-of-the-art campus, taught by foreign professors from prestigious universities from around the world. You can choose to take up to three courses from a selection of over 100. 

For information please visit ISC website


The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Want to do something different during the summer? Why not join one of our summer programmes? The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus offers opportunities for our students to:

  • take a new subject or learn about subjects you might be interested in studying at university
  • study with leading academics
  • gain insight into university life in Malaysia
  • meet new people from around the world
  • participate in exciting cultural activities
  • explore the capital city and its surrounding areas
  • enhance your CV

For information please visit the University of Nottingham website 


University of Amsterdam

UvA Summer School 

At the UvA Summer School, you can pursue your studies in a wide range of disciplines while enjoying social and academic activities in one of the most culturally and intellectually vibrant cities of Western Europe – Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands.

For information please visit the UvA website.  

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen (1614) is hosting a range of summer schools in Groningen and elsewhere in the world. Summer schools are a wonderful way to bring bright students and inspired researchers together to work intensively on important topics. Our summer schools are always research-driven, and many of them are multidisciplinary, offering a wide range of perspectives. 

For more information please visit RUG website

Utrecht University

Utrecht Summer School

Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 academic courses in virtually all disciplines organised by Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions offer high quality, challenging summer courses on bachelor, master and PhD level.

For information please visit the Utrect Summer School website

New Zealand 

The University of Auckland

Screen Tools 

Screen Tools: A four-week practical course for emerging filmmakers. Discover first-hand what draws the global film industry here, and create your own short drama. Develop the tools you need to launch your career.

For more information please visit the University of Aukland website


National University of Singapore

FASStrack Asia - The Summer School 

The summer programme will tap into NUS' research strengths in the region and offer students an enriching knowledge and understanding of various Asian-related topics and issues. Taught over a 5-week summer period, students will attend classes, participate in active discussions and learn from academic experts specializing in their area of study.

For information please visit NUS website

Nanyang Technological University

GEM Trailblazer Summer 

GEM Trailblazer Summer offers up ​​​​​four different tracks to for a full Asian cultural ​experience, with opportunities ​​to enhance your future business career in Asia!

For information please visit NTU website

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

SIM International Summer Program (ISP)

ISP offers a six-fold experience, by not only providing an internationally-focused classroom experience with in-depth lectures and case-consulting projects by visiting businessmen and researchers, but also hosting daily excursions such as industry visits and community service projects - all activities to develop the global skills and understanding of each participant.

For more information please visit the ISP website