Your global experience


Studying or working abroad is an exciting time of self-discovery and personal development and it can also increase your chances of finding a job after graduation. Whether you choose to go abroad or not, at Birmingham you will experience a global campus with a community of students from over 150 different countries.

Why go abroad?

Choosing to study or work abroad as part of your degree course is an amazing opportunity to enhance your learning, test your limits, experience different cultures and meet new people. Living overseas will change you in more ways than you can imagine.

Enhance your learning experience

When you’re studying abroad you’ll experience a different academic environment and a new way of teaching, giving you alternative perspectives on your subject area.

Shape your future

Living overseas encourages you to grow as a person, become more confident and increase your self-awareness. You’ll develop transferable skills such as problem solving, creativity, resilience, communication, adaptability - all key skills needed for the modern working world.

Have the time of your life

Living overseas, making new friends, and travelling to incredible destinations can be a hugely rewarding time where memories are made and relationships are built for life.

Student Vlog: A day in Tübingen, Germany with Harvey


Where can I go?

We offer our students a wide range of study abroad opportunities. Your preferred destination may depend on your course and on criteria set by your department but we have agreements in place with partner institutions across the globe. Whilst some partners may restrict student numbers in certain years we will try to accommodate your choice wherever possible. Explore over 270 Study Abroad destinations across Europe and the rest of the world on the Study Abroad section of our website.


Funding your year abroad

UK students undertaking a year abroad are entitled to the normal student funding package (i.e. tuition fee loan and maintenance loan). You will also receive a higher rate of maintenance loan known as the ‘away rate’. Further detailed information can be found on the Study Abroad section of our website.