Our sustainability journey...

Being sustainable is the only sensible choice in today's world. The University of Birmingham is working to reduce its negative environmental and social effects, whilst maximising the positive impacts our research and learning have on the world.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is concerned with the long-term health of humans and our planet as well as the economic systems that help us to prosper. The planet has limited natural resources and tolerances to pollution and so it’s important that we live within our means. This is for the benefit of future and current generations as well as ourselves. Embedding ethical principles is another part of sustainability that helps us to protect people too.

Our university is helping to find solutions to global challenges such as climate change, through efficient travel, alternative fuels and energy storage. We are striving to have huge positive impacts through our research whilst trying to minimise the carbon and other effects produced along the way.

The University of Birmingham is also a proud member of Sustainability West Midlands and we are committed to delivering positive impact locally within the region as well as internationally.

Trevor Payne

Trevor Payne

Director of Estates

“Being sustainable is about considering the overall impacts of what we’re doing and trying to minimise negative impacts wherever possible whilst still excelling in our research, teaching and learning.”