Athena SWAN Charter


The Athena SWAN Charter promotes and rewards good employment practice in the recruitment, retention and progression of female academics in STEMM. The University joined the Charter in March 2011 and holds a Bronze Athena award.

Athena SWAN Charter principles

    • Addressing gender inequalities requires commitment and action from everyone, at all levels of the University. 
    • Tackling the unequal representation of women in science requires changing cultures and attitudes across the University. 
    • The absence of diversity at management and policy-making levels has broad implications which the University will examine. 
    • The high loss rate of women in science is an urgent concern which the University will address. 
    • The system of short-term contracts has particularly negative consequences for the retention and progression of women in science, which the University recognises. 
    • There are both personal and structural obstacles to women making the transition from PhD into a sustainable academic career in science, which require the active consideration of the University. 

Athena SWAN Charter Schools

The following Colleges and Schools have achieved Athena awards:

College of Medical and Dental Sciences (Silver Award)
School of Chemical Engineering (Bronze Award)
School of Chemistry (Bronze Award)
School of Civil Engineering (Bronze Award)
School of Computer Science (Bronze Award, working towards silver)
School of Mathematics  (Bronze Award)
School of Biosciences (Bronze Award)
School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Bronze Award)
School of Physics and Astronomy (Juno Award)

The Schools below have established Athena groups and are working towards Athena awards:

School of Psychology (applied for Bronze Award)
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Sport and Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
School of Metallurgy and Materials