A Uniquely Portable Magic: Live Art Installation

Beorma Bar - Guild of Students
Alumni, Arts and Law, Performance, Students
Saturday 20th October 2018 (11:00-14:00)
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Live Art Society at the University of Birmingham presents - “A Uniquely Portable Magic”, an installation fusing theatre, photography, art and writing to create a walk-through wonderland about the magic of reading and novels.

In aid of the charity United through Reading, connecting military families through stories for their children, voluntary donations will be taken at the door to experience this interactive piece. 

Hannah Bainbridge (Installation Director) is a 2nd year Drama and Theatre Arts student at the University of Birmingham. Hannah has acted and directed previously at the guild of students, and is currently thoroughly enjoying her role as Live Art’s creative liaison. A bookworm since a young age, she loves nothing more than the magic and excitement a new novel can bring, and is particularly partial to the smell of a new book. Through this installation, Hannah hopes to show just how special and multi-faceted the written word is by exploring its aesthetic and sensory qualities alongside an interrogation of the story and its value. The joy and connection that reading brings is very close to Hannah’s heart and the combination of this installation and it’s dedicated charity “United Through Reading”  is hopefully going to spread that value further, encouraging everyone to pick up a book too!

Martha Allen-Smith (assistant director) is a Drama and Theatre Arts undergraduate and music scholar at the University of Birmingham, currently entering her second year of studies. A passionate advocate for the role of the arts in education and development, particularly within the field of mental health, Martha is dedicated to spreading the love and power of reading as far afield as possible. Books provide a unique pathway to understanding the world, to escaping it, to discovering empathy in the most inconceivable places and even finding oneself along the way. Through this installation, Martha hopes to unlock some of the childish creativity, curiosity and vital love of play in those who experience it, reiterating the power of fiction and poetry to comfort, to exhilarate and to inspire. So far in her university career, Martha has been involved in numerous musical and theatrical productions and has earned the role of Press and Publicity Officer on the Live Art team. Live Art is, above all, a society celebrating diversity and creativity of expression, giving a voice to those who often go unheard: a celebration we hope will shine through this little piece of ‘uniquely portable magic’.

Max Nicholls (assistant director) is a second year undergraduate at the University of Birmingham, studying Drama and Theatre Arts. Having gained acting experience in the guild of students, this is Max's first foray into directing while attending Birmingham. An avid reader, he is a strong believer in the importance of books as a source of inspiration, knowledge and a certain special kind of magic, and is at his happiest browsing through Waterstones on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Through this installation, Max hopes to remind those who experience it of the wonder and imagination that is available at their fingertips inside a book, and the unique memories and experiences gained through reading. Not only are books a virtually unlimited source of information, but, as shown by 'United through Reading’, they are also a way to create bridges between people under tough circumstances - their power, in Max's opinion, cannot be overstated.