Everyday activism: harnessing anger for change

Alumni, Arts and Law, Lectures Talks and Workshops, Students
Saturday 19th October 2019 (13:00-14:00)
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“Anger is loaded with information and energy” - Audre Lorde

Can anyone change the world? As we near the end of 2019, we see our environment in crisis, fascism on the rise, and basic human rights being threatened. With a political climate characterised by anger and hatred, it is often tempting to scream in despair. The varying civil rights movements of the past 100 years garnered many important changes for people of colour, for women and for migrants. So, what’s happening? One might ask why society seems to be regressing. It is a harsh demonstration that progress is not linear - History is repeating itself.  

With this extremely divisive and polarised climate, how do people channel their fury in a way that can be heard? Is there any point in trying against the backdrop of such deafening noise? This event will aim to break down what ‘activism’ is today, and why it is so crucial that we expand its presumed definition. Activism doesn’t just refer to protesting with a placard, for although this act of demonstration can often be crucial, it may deter some from participation. Activism simply means to act. Whether it be in university life, the workplace or online; Everyday Activism will unpack how we can make activism more tangible and accessible for universal participation. So, with individual and collective contribution, can we harness anger for change? Join us on the 19th October for a panel talk (speakers TBA), Q&A and an informal discussion to explore all things activism. 

Book to the Future

This event is part of Book to the Future - the University of Birmingham's annual festival of the written and spoken word. It features an exciting programme of free workshops, panel discussions, performances and author talks. More information on how to register will become available soon.