Heroines, heroes and gender inequality in children's fiction

Arts - Lecture Room 6
Friday 18 October 2019 (12:00-13:00)

A talk on fictional worlds and role models, and the gender inequality within them. 

Fiction provides children with an important space to learn how to make sense of the world. It is also a crucial source for role models. Fictional worlds are not so unlike the real world – especially when it comes to gender inequalities. Based on their work with large collections of texts, Professor Michaela Mahlberg and Dr Anna Cermakova from the University of Birmingham's Centre for Corpus Research will explore fiction from Dickens to modern children's books, to demonstrate how repeated language patterns reflect a gendered view of society.

Book to the Future

This event is part of Book to the Future - the University of Birmingham's annual festival of the written and spoken word. It features an exciting programme of free workshops, panel discussions, performances and author talks. 

The festival is open to all who are interested in the arts. It welcomes staff and students of the University of Birmingham, but also extends a warm invitation to the general public. We look forward to welcoming you!

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