But I don't have time to write!

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Friday 18th October 2019 (10:00-11:00)
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Join us at the University of Birmingham's Book to the Future Festival where Simon Fairbanks will be helping you identify writing time, alongside providing practical tips and tricks on how to maximise your productivity.

Do you struggle to find time to write?

Simon knows the feeling. We all have busy lives. We juggle work, family, health commitments, socials lives, hobbies and more. Finding the time and energy to put pen to paper can seem like an impossible task... Rest assured, Simon can help. In this open and honest talk, Simon will begin by helping you identify times when you could be writing through a simple exercise. He will then offer practical tips on how to maximise the time in your day by showing you how to write faster and how to do everything else faster!

Your trilogy will be complete by Christmas

Book to the Future

This event is part of Book to the Future - the University of Birmingham's annual festival of the written and spoken word. It features an exciting programme of free workshops, panel discussions, performances and author talks.