Student applicant FAQs

Following are some useful information about the Undergraduate Research Scholarship scheme and application process for student applicats.

The scheme sounds great, but what does it actually involve? What will I be doing?

The work required will vary depending on the project you choose – it can range from transcribing documents or working in archives to helping plan a conference or writing content for website. You can only apply to work on one project, so have a look at the details of each project to see what would be expected of you.

Can I apply to any project I want?

The project has to be running in your school, but it can be in any department in your school, so, for example, a Drama student can apply to a project being run in the Department of English Literature, or an Ancient History student can apply for a project in the Department of History, etc.

I’m a Joint Honours student with a degree in two different schools – which projects can I apply to?

You can apply to any projects being run in either school – it doesn’t have to be in the school you ‘belong’ to. So Joint Honours English and History students can apply to any of the projects being run in the School of English, Drama, and American & Canadian Studies (EDACS) and the School of History and Cultures (SHaC). If you’re not sure which projects you are eligible for, just contact your Student Experience Officer.

I already have commitments over the summer – will I be able to choose when I do the work?

The scholarship aims to be flexible – if successful, you’ll liaise with your academic lead to find a period of 5 weeks over the summer, between 19 June and 22 September, that works for both of you. The 5 weeks do not have to be consecutive.

How does the selection process work?

Once applications close on March 24, all the applications will be sent to the projects’ academic leads and they’ll select their successful candidate. To help them choose, they might look at your academic transcript and sometimes they invite students to come to an informal interview. We aim to inform all applicants of the outcome in early May.

How competitive is the scholarship scheme?

Each project will generally recruit only one student scholar, so it is very competitive. However, the number of applications to each project differs greatly; projects can receive between 2 and 20 applications. Make sure you carefully consider which project to apply for and demonstrate that you’re passionate about that subject.

I’m in first year – is it even worth applying?

Yes! If you can clearly demonstrate that you have the skills the project requires, you stand a good chance of being selected. Even if you’re not successful, you can ask to go through your application with the academic lead to find out where you went wrong so that your application will be stronger if you re-apply next year.

Will the same projects be available next year?

No – the projects vary each year. 

I’m interested in applying for a particular project and want more information – who should I talk to?

Please feel free to contact the academic lead on the project for more information or see them in their office hours.