Joseph Holloway

  • The Identification of Metaphor and its Role in Cross-Linguistic Oral Exchanges

The aim of the project was to work with Jeannette Littlemore to investigate the opportunities and problems that metaphor presents in cross-linguistic communication in academic settings. 

The scholarship has given me an unrivalled understanding of the world of academia; heightened my enthusiasm for it; and improved my knowledge and academic skills.

I have witnessed a perfect example of the research method, and followed the individual stages that make up a full experiment into linguistics, preparing me fully for my own investigation. The project has given me a wide variety of skills which are easy to transfer to my university life and my career. A further benefit of the project is the production of our co-authored and academically reputable website. We are also currently working on a co-authored article for academic publication.

What insight has it given me into academic research?

I have seen and understood every stage of a linguistics experiment. This has given me an understanding of how the component parts (such as metaphor frequency graphs) tie in with and contribute to the overall focus of the respective academic item. I also got to collaborate with multiple academics around the globe. This gave me an understanding of what constitutes academic research, and how difficult it can be to gain funding. I experienced the fatiguing effect of reading for 10+ hours for several days in succession. However, I have also experienced the joy and satisfaction of an original and exciting thought that comes as a result of this, and which makes the former all worthwhile.

The scholarship has massively influenced my postgraduate plans. After taking the scholarship I am not only convinced to take a completely different subject for my Master’s degree (linguistics) but to take a research Masters Degree. I was originally intending to take a taught Masters Degree. I enjoyed my experience to such an extent that I am looking forward to taking it all the way to PhD level.

A fantastic opportunity arose out of the scholarship scheme. One of the academics I liaised with was co-hosting a conference at Vriej University in the Netherlands. I applied and was successful. I met with thirty P.H.D students of metaphor and gesture studies from around the world. We enjoyed a week of studying and networking, and as a result I have been asked to speak a paper at another conference in Lancaster and another in Russia. The scholarship was the first in a series of opportunities, and new doors keep on opening from it.