Undergraduate Competition Question and Winning Entries 2012/13

The University has started issuing all first year undergraduate students with a book (GRAB: Great Read at Birmingham) which can appeal to students on any programme, and which aims to facilitate interaction between students by appealing to common intellectual and cultural interests. Imagine you are in charge of choosing next year’s book: what would it be and why?

Please note the book you choose does not have to be written by a University or local author: any text from any period, literary, scientific, philosophical, etc, can be suggested.

Emily Wadsworth
BA Classical Literature and Civilisation (2nd year)
The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle (PDF - 87KB)


Rachel Brooks
BA English (1st year)
Heavy Metal: The Music and its Culture (revised edition) by Deena Weinstein (PDF - 233KB)


Second Runner-up
Rose Ecclesfield
BA African Studies/English (2nd year)
King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild (PDF - 270KB)