Edward Mushett Cole

Postgraduate Student Experience Officer

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I recently graduated with a PhD in Ancient History, specialising in ancient Egypt, from the University of Birmingham, having previously completed undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Exeter. In between these degrees I have worked in a number of roles in the private sector.

As I have so recently been a postgraduate myself this means that I have a clear understanding of the issues that matter to postgraduates, especially postgraduate researchers, as well as those surrounding the immediate aftermath of postgraduate degrees. I am keen to help ensure that postgraduate students’ experience at the university is as engaging, fulfilling, and inclusive as possible. In particular, I hope to use my experience to ensure that postgraduates feel supported throughout their course.

My role is designed to help improve postgraduate student experience, whether that is in arranging careers events where postgraduates can discuss a range of post-study career options with alumni, assisting postgraduate run fora with events, or helping make sure that the concerns and feedback of postgraduates is heard and taken seriously. This is focused around a few key areas:

  • Improving the ways that we support the crucial transition from earlier levels of study to taught and research postgraduate qualifications. This transition can often involve changing location as well as academic level and so we want to help smooth this process.
  • Improving and enhancing the careers support and personal development opportunities that the College offers postgraduate students so that they are fully tuned to your needs and provide the opportunities and skills training that you want.
  • Enabling the flourishing of an exciting, engaging and fully accessible postgraduate community across the college. This includes work to enhance and develop our postgraduate study spaces.
  • Developing the way that we communicate with you so that you have access to the information that you need when you need it and are always in the loop. This includes improving the feedback network from postgraduates to the college, making sure we are more responsive to your concerns.