Developing supporting resources for mathematical proof and reasoning

'Proofs and Mathematical Reasoning' - a new resource for mathematics students

Student intern: Agata Stefanowicz
Staff supervisors: Jo Kyle and Michael Grove (Mathematics)

Talk to any group of lecturers about how their students handle proof and reasoning when presenting mathematics and you will soon hear a long list of `improvements' they would wish for.  And yet, if no one has ever explained clearly, in simple terms, what is expected it is hardly a surprise that this is a regular comment.

Agata’s project had as its aim, clarifying and codifying views of staff on these matters and then using these as the basis of an introduction to the basic methods of proof and reasoning in a single document that might help new and continuing students to gain a deeper understanding of how to write good proofs and present clear and logical mathematics.

Through a selection of examples and techniques, this guide presents instructive examples and straightforward advice for students on how to improve the way they produce and present good mathematics.

An additional feature that enhances the text is the use of linked videos that offer the experience of `live' mathematics developed by an expert.

All students, regardless of ability, will find something to improve their study of mathematics; this will be doubly true if they engage with the problems the guide contains.

The guide Proofs and Mathematical Reasoning is available to download here.