COVID-19 Research and News from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

From making hand sanitiser to improving the design of face masks, our researchers are contributing to the global effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. Our staff and students are also supporting the NHS by volunteering their time to fight the outbreak.

Latest updates

Relighting the economy with heat

Heat could help kickstart the economy

There is a strong need to light a fire under the economy and decarbonisation and sustainable heat may be the best way of achieving this.

Remembering Dr Colin Patrick

It is with great sadness that the University of Birmingham has learned of the death of our much-loved friend and former colleague Dr Colin Patrick, aged 90.

How do we prepare for COVID-19 vaccine delivery?

Vaccine being administered by syringe

Scientists are launching a major new research project in India that will help to engineer an efficient and sustainable delivery mechanism – ready to get an eventual COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people.

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Latest COVID-19 updates from the College of EPS

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