Attendance list

Reunion attendance listAs part of the Reunion programme we produce attendance lists so alumni can see who else is at the event, and also offer those unable to attend the opportunity to see who we are still in contact with in the hope of re-connecting you with old friends.

Alumni registered as of 13 June 2016:

Chemical Engineering

Christopher Arthey (1976 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Denise Arthey (1976 BSc Geography)

Tony Bates (1991 BEng Chemical Engineering; 1996 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Michael Briggs (1964 BSc Chemical Engineering; 1967 PhD Chemical Engineering)

Richard Kelly (1991 BEng Chemical Engineering with Minerals Engineering; 1996 PhD Chemical Engineering with Minerals Engineering)

Ann Kenney (1991 BEng Chemical Engineering with Minerals Engineering; 1996 PhD Chemical Engineering with Minerals Engineering)

Paul McCormick (1964 BSc Chemical Engineering)

John Robinson (1962 BSc Chemical Engineering)

Sarah Schumacher (1991 BEng Chemical Engineering with Minerals Engineering)


Geoff Bateson (1966 BSc Management and Policy in Education Chemistry)

Mick Boulton (1966 BSc Chemistry; 1970 PhD Chemistry)

Alan Brough (1972 BSc Chemistry; 1975 MSc Chemistry)

Jim Burdon (1953 BSc Chemistry; 1956 PhD Chemistry; 1966 DSc Chemistry)

David Griffiths (1991 BSc Chemistry; 1995 MSc Environmental Health)

William Henderson (1966 BSc Chemistry; 1969 PhD Chemistry)

John Higginbotham (1966 BSc Chemistry; 1969 PhD Chemistry)

Anthony Hutton (1975 BSc Chemistry)

David Jones (1975 BSc Chemistry)

Steve Karpel (1973 BSc Chemistry; 1977 PhD Chemistry)

Patricia Keep (1972 BSc Chemistry)

Thelma Matuk (1983 BSc Chemistry)

Deirdre Morrod (1968 MBChB Medicine)

Rod Morrod (1966 BSc Chemistry; 1969 PhD Chemistry)

Ian Rix (1976 PhD Chemistry)

Peter Wilkins (1966 BSc Chemistry)

Valerie Winrow née Burrows (1975 BSc Chemistry)

Civil Engineering

Alan Brookes (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Francis Budge (1970 BSc Civil Engineering)

Terry Dwyer (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Keith Eaton (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Hormoz Famili (1966 BSc Mechanical Engineering; 1969 PhD Civil Engineering)

David Hoare (1966 BSc Civil Engineering; 1969 MSc Transportation & Highway Engineering)

Roy Jones (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Knut Langballe (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Nigel Mansfield (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

John Platts (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

Stuart Robertson (1976 MSc Water Resources Technology)

Mozaffar Rostampour (1966 BSc Civil Engineering)

David Sly (1966 BSc Civil Engineering; 1969 MSc Transportation and Traffic Planning)

John Sly (1966 BSc Civil Engineering; 1971 MSc Highway Engineering and Management)

Pathmanathan Venasithamby (1981 BSc Civil Engineering)

Richard Wakefield (1981 BSc Civil Engineering)

Peter Walsh (1966 BSc Civil Engineering; 1969 MSc Water Resources Technology; 1977 PhD Civil Engineering)

Computer Science

Andrew McCumiskey (1986 BSc Computer Studies)

Peter Nelson (1996 BA Medieval and Modern History; 2000 MSc Computer Science)

David Roberts (1987 BSc Software Engineering)

Eamonn Sorohan (1997 BSc Computer Science/Software Eng)

David Tee (1986 BSc Computer Studies)

Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

Robert Buckley (1991 BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Barbara Cassey (1976 BSocSc History and Social Science)

Martin Cassey (1976 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Andrew Kightley (1981 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Stanley Newey (1947 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Peter Roberts (1991 BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering)

Roger Spenceley (1965 BSc Electronic & Electrical Engineering)


Vicky Fletcher (1977 BSc Mathematical Sciences)

Francis Gribbin (1980 BSc Mathematics; 1981 MSc Computer Science Software Engineering)

Rob Henstock (1963 BSc Mathematics)

Mechanical Engineering

Heather Barnes (1996 MEng & Man Mechanical Engineering Manufacture & Management with Language)

John Danks (1966 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Peter Hartley (1967 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Keith Hillman (1959 MSc Engineering Production)

Helene Iaccarino (1991 BEng&BCom Mechanical Engineering and Economics)

Jennifer Reclik (1991 MEng & Man Mechanical Engineering Manufacture and Management)

Angus Sanderson (1991 MEng & Man Mechanical Engineering Manufacture and Management)

Vivian Vaughan (1967 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

William Vaughan (1966 BSc Mechanical Engineering)

Claire Williams (1996 MEng & Man Mechanical Eng Manufacture & Management with Languages)

Metallurgy and Materials

Hugh Everson (1962 BSc Metallurgy Engineering)

Laurence Fairbank (1946 BSc Metallurgy Engineering)

Richard Hodges (1991 BEng Materials Science and Technology; 1996 PhD Metallurgy Engineering)

Paul Jones (1944 BSc Metallurgy Engineering; 1958 MSc Metallurgy Engineering)

Anthony Tottle (1963 BSc Industrial Metallurgy)

Physics and Astronomy

Graham Ablett (1976 BSc Physics)

Clive Berry (1971 BSc Physics)

Steve Blackburn (1976 BSc Physics)

Lucy Brittain (1991 BSc Physics)

Dennis Brown (1976 BSc Physics)

Giles Coulombeau (1976 BSc Physics)

John Fletcher (1976 BSc Physics; 1977 MSc Physics;

1987 PhD Physics)

Winston Hendrickson (1976 BSc Physics)

David Henstock (1991 BSc Physics with Astrophysics)

Brian Hunt (1976 BSc Physics)

Iain Lazenby (1976 BSc Physics)

Richard Leach (1976 BSc Physics)

John Miller (1969 BSc Physics)

Thomas Moore (1966 BSc Physics)

David Newey (1976 BSc Physics)

John Poulter (1976 BSc Physics)

Ralph Spencer (1966 BSc Physics)

Dean Talboys (2000 MSc Physics with Astrophysics)

Christopher Theaker (1976 BSc Physics; 1977 MSc Physics & Technology of Nuclear Reactors)

Dennis Timmins (1976 BSc Physics)

John Tite (1976 BSc Physics)

Steve Wheeler (1976 BSc Physics)

Daniel Wilkinson (2003 MSc Physics with Business Management)


Please note this is not the full attendance list as some of our attendees do not wish to be publised on our website.

If you have registered but don't see your name below please do get in touch and we will add you to the list. You can either email or telephone +44 (0)121 414 9226.

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