Anna Blake

MEng Civil Engineering, 2010

After hearing about the mining jobs in the Australian outback, I got a 476 visa and a one way flight to Australia. Before too long I ended up in Tasmania, working for the renewable energy company Hydro Tasmania. In the last 18 months I've worked in underground power stations, climbed up the 140m high Gordon Dam and done the morning commute in a 6-seat plane. I've written mind-numbingly boring amounts of reports on sewage lagoon dams, but am currently designing renewable energy off-grid power systems for aboriginal communities. There was a lot of luck in getting the job, but it had a great deal to do with the opportunities I had at UoB: through involvement with Engineers Without Borders, the UoB grants availiable and lecturer contacts, I created my own internships in Africa - which made my CV stand out. Now I'm travelling the world and surfing before work.

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