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EPS class notes

The Original Formula Student Project (1967)

Thanks to UBRacing, Birmingham has a strong history of building racing cars and even founding the Formula Student competition. Little did we know it actually began 30 years earlier!

Pippi Hornsby

Pippi Hornsby
MEng Mechanical Engineering 2014, "though the nature of my work changed from my MEng to my MA, I attribute my functional design style to my undergraduate in engineering, and wouldn't be able to produce the work I do now without the knowledge I gained at the University of Birmingham."

Ray Broadbridge

BSc. Electronic Engineering, 1975. "I started with crystal sets and valves; managed to lure unsuspecting girls with promises of Real Stereo Music from homemade amplifiers..."

Pat Davis

After my time at Birmingham studying Mathematics I went to Aston University where I studied for an MSc in Industrial Mathematics. I then started work as a Trials Engineer in a Defence Company…

Fred Kay

Good to hear from you and pleased that the department continues to produce excellent engineers to serve the community. I was released by my company Lucas, to study for one year, five and a half days per week ,to obtain the MSc. in gas dynamics under Professor Bannister...
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