Ray Broadbridge

BSc. Electronic Engineering, 1975

I started with crystal sets and valves; managed to lure unsuspecting girls with promises of Real Stereo Music from homemade amplifiers. Put off computing at tender age of 18 when forced to walk to remote building with box of punch cards. Did Electronics degree, first job was designing telephones for GEC; then I got a really interesting job with ICI designing instruments to analyse radioactive tracers in chemical plants. Only lost one lump of radioactive material. While there, worked with first personal computers, invented first commercial powerline datacoms device. Started Nectar Electronics (IT Services company in Durham, UK), learnt everything I know about business from (a) dreadful experience, (b) Durham Business School, (c) talking to the dog. Eventually discovered unsuspected talent for Hospitality, much aided by wife's well-known talent for Interior Design. Sold company in 2010 since when I've been working on Co-Pilot - a simplified Tablet to help people who have trouble remembering things, such as those with learning disabilities and the elderly forgetful. The best thing about doing this now is not having to get up in the mornings - I'm nominally retired; but having interesting learning and work to occupy my time. 

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