Hugo Aravena


This is Hugo Aravena Nehme from Chile, I would like to share my experience in UoB with you guys.

I studied MSc Mathematical Finance 2011/2012. It was a very challenging MSc, I had to dedicate much of my free time in order to succeed but at the end I got a good reward. I finished with a good mark and felt that I got the knowledge that I needed to return to my country and continue progressing in my career.

Now at home, I have been hired for one of the leading Investment banks in my country, Banchile-Citi (the main investment bank in Chile and partially owned by Citibank, one of the leading banks worldwide). I am Head of Strategy of International Equities in the Wealth Management team. Looking back, I could say that my plan of studying an MSc in UK and the UoB was the right decision.

I would like to say that living in UK and Birmingham was an unbelievable experience for me and my family too. I went to Birmingham with my wife. She was very involved with UoB too; she took languages modules, participated in the Catholic Church and practiced sports in the University too. One of the most important highlights of our living experience was that our daughter Javiera was born in Birmingham in May 2012, just a few days after I finished my exams. She was born in the Womens’ Hospitals just beside the University campus. Now she is 1 year and 2 months old.

For us, 2011/2012 years were unforgettable years. We appreciate so much all the support of University staff, professors, classmates and the country itself. I would like to use this opportunity also to express my deepest thanks to my supervisor and lecturer Michal Kocvara, Head of Optimization and Statistics in UoB, whose encouragement, guidance supported me from lectures to my dissertation project.

We want to share our family and student story with you guys because we always have positive memories about our living experience in UoB.


PS: I have attached a picture of us in front of Aston Webb Building, a few days before we had returned at our home, Santiago/Chile

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