Pat Davis

BSc Mathematics and Applications, 1979

After my time at Birmingham studying Mathematics I went to Aston University where I studied for an MSc in Industrial Mathematics. I then started work as a Trials Engineer in a Defence Company. I have remained with the Company all my working life progressing to my current position as the Head of a large multi-national Software Department.

I met my husband (Keith) at work and we have identical twin girls. (Quite a co-incidence as I am also an identical twin). The girls are currently in their last year at Birmingham University both studying Physics. I would never have imagined that our children would follow me to Birmingham 35 years later! As parents we have had the opportunity to visit the University several times in the last few years. Some things have been transformed eg Wyddrington to Shackleton but I will always remember the Campus and wider community as it was when I graduated in 1979


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