Fred Kay

MSc Gas Dynamics, 1955

Good to hear from you and pleased that the department continues to produce excellent engineers to serve the community.

I was released by my company Lucas, to study for one year, five and a half days per week, to obtain the MSc in gas dynamics under Professor Bannister. Students came from Canada, China and South Africa, as well as from the UK. The UK students all came from industry and some gained their BSc’s via the London External route. The Canadian educational system was different from ours in that they had been given projects such as not only designing, but also building a small dam! It’s also interesting to know that one of the Canadians played badminton for Canada and Warwickshire. I’m not certain, but I think that they went on to study at MIT. One of Professor Bannister’s students, the late Ken Durrands, became Rector of what was then Huddersfield Polytechnic. I often wonder what happened to the Chinese member of the group, who said that he would return to China at the end of the course. His wife was a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and once entertained us at home to a real Chinese meal. 

Best wishes for the future in these difficult times.

Fred Kay

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