David Rodrigues de Miranda - proud to be UoB alumnus

BSc Civil Engineering, 1984
Asset Manager - Pipelines, Gassco AS

My current role is around integrity management of offshore pipelines supplying gas from Norway to Europe. 

This involves executing surveys using ROV's and commissioning structural analysis to verify compliance with the design and avoiding fatigue due to Vortex Induced Vibrations. For corrosive products a corrosion risk analysis is sometimes required. I'm an advisor on subsea technology, ranging from diverless operations to installation of new pipelines and diverless tie-ins of new facilities and decommissioning and removal of redundant platforms. I also participate in design reviews, procurement processes and development of project execution and maintenance management strategies.

How did your time at the University of Birmingham help you start your career? 

The hard work ethic and intense Civil Engineering curriculum gave me confidence during Milk Round interviews in my 3rd year. This also opened my eyes to further studies. A Master's degree in Maritime Civil Engineering built on a solid BSc gave me opportunities that I would never have dreamed were within my reach during my 2nd year at Birmingham.

How has your career developed since graduating from the University of Birmingham?

My career has developed from 15 years of pipeline project management and 3 years operations HSE management with Shell International from the heat of the desert to the cold of eastern Siberia, to 16 years with Gassco taking new pipelines into operation and implementing new subsea tie-in technologies. 

What is the best thing about what you're doing now?

Cleaning up old infrastructure installed in the early days of my career, introducing new technology and being in an environment which rewards innovative thinking and implementation of new research ideas and inventions.

What motivates you?

Never-ending change as the only constant.

Why did you apply to Birmingham?

Because of the international environment and diverse student population. It's a redbrick university and had a reasonably small sized department of Civil Engineering with some special subjects which had caught my interest.

What are your fondest memories and were you involved in any extracurricular activities?

Fondest memories are CivEng Society lunches, awesome staff, the international student population with diverse views and experiences, hard work.....
I was also involved in the student council, a bit of sport and quite a lot of late night Indian food!

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David's advice for current students

“Work smart. Don't overreach. Focus on things you're good at and excel in these. Finish what you started. Bust a gut when you're stuck. Develop good work habits. All this will pay off at each junction in your life.”