Molly Dalton

MEng Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience, 2015

Molly Dalton

As a track engineer, Molly has been responsible for the smooth running of our railways, planning track renewals and ensuring minimal disruption from essential repairs. She's also one of the team responsible for the new platforms at on the Thames Link project at London Bridge Station!

In this video Molly offers great insight into the world of engineering, as well as some hints to take into Birmingham's civil engineering degrees and life at University. Plus some great, practical advice.

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Molly Dalton, Civil Engineering graduate

Advice from Molly

“I'd say immerse yourself in your subject. When things are hard, when you're studying a lot, when it's towards the end of the year and perhaps you don't have the energy you had at the beginning of the year, take time out. Go into Birmingham, have a look at all the engineering stuff that's going on, book a visit somewhere, send an email to somebody. Don't let the stresses take away from the amazing degree you're studying and the amazing things you're going to do with it when you come out.”