Daniel Gadish

BSc Physics , 2020
Analyst, Baringa

I work as an analyst within the data, analytics and artificial intelligence team at a consultancy. This involves working with different clients to help them with their data needs. We provide a range of solutions from data strategy and governance to visualisation and machine learning models.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

The variety in clients’ wants and desires means that no two projects are the same. This leads to every project needing different skills. I love the opportunity to learn new things every day and then apply those skills to utilise data in an effective manner to meet our clients’ needs. 

What made you interested in your current role?

One aspect of my degree that I particularly enjoyed was taking the experimental data we collected to demonstrate a theory’s effectiveness. As such, a career working with data to tell a story or solve a problem seemed like the perfect next step. I decided to go into consulting in particular due to the variety of work that comes with it. I enjoy being able to work on something different every day.

Daniel Gadish1

How has your career developed since graduating?

After graduating, I joined a small consultancy as a graduate analyst where I worked mostly in a project management capacity. I wanted to work in a more technical role and so after a year and a half I moved into the data capability at a larger firm which has given me greater opportunity to work in a more technical capacity on a wider variety of projects

What motivates you?

I find deep satisfaction and joy in learning new things. Working on new and interesting challenges provides me with the perfect opportunity to learn and solve problems in different ways. 

Why did you originally apply to the University of Birmingham?

As soon as I stepped onto the campus for the first time, I knew that I had found the right university for me. Everyone was welcoming and the stunning red-brick buildings provided the perfect space for further education. With such a nice campus and with a great reputation for physics, choosing Birmingham was a no-brainer.

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What are your fondest memories of the University?

My fondest memories of the University are from wandering around a snow covered campus with my friends, just before the Christmas break. The university had organised fairground rides on campus and the Vale, which we greatly enjoyed and which provided the perfect end to the semester.

Did you get involved in any extracurricular activities as a student?

Prior to university, I had practiced a number of martial arts and so took the opportunity to try another. I joined the Jiu Jitsu club, becoming treasurer in my final year. I greatly enjoyed participating in national events and meeting new people at club socials.

How did your time at University help you start your career?

Studying physics taught me to take a problem, break it down and find a solution using the information available to me. This has set me up perfectly for my career where I take the same principles and, instead of applying them to physics problems, I apply them to business problems. Courses at Birmingham helped me to take those problem-solving skills and explain solutions in ways that are easily digested by the relevant stakeholders.

Some words of advice from Daniel

“Whilst study is important, make sure to take the time to make the most of what the university has to offer. The independence it brings along with the societies and activities available provide the perfect opportunity for new and exciting experiences.”