Industrial Award

WIT: Women in Tech


Throughout the year Women in Tech (WIT) has been empowering more women to pursue careers in technology. They have tirelessly showcased pathways to great careers in tech using every medium at their disposal. WIT curated an interview series that was shared via a powerful social media campaign, featuring advice from recent graduates that have undertaken internships or graduate schemes in the industry, helping WIT members forge connections. WIT also hosted a variety of talks within the society, ensuring that they showcased a range of role models to reinforce the diverse opportunities and space within the industry for students like its members. Some of the most memorable have been How to get work as a developer at Google after getting a non-tech degree, How to found a start-up in Birmingham: the world’s first 3D-printed vitamins and How finishing UoB can lead you to secure a successful PhD at Cambridge and land research internships at Google.

WIT has spent the year strengthening the relationships it was within the industry. A testament to this WIT’s stellar career event, How to get into Fintech, in which industry leaders shared practical advice on how to get started in the industry including Bloomberg, Citi, Lloyds Bank and Deutsche Bank. WIT has also nurtured newer relationships with Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Bright Network and Siemens which the society shares through their active social media page and society events. WIT has truly positioned the career progression of its members as its north star and continues to move from strength to strength.