Sports Personality of the Year

This Award recognises those sportspeople who have shown commitment and enthusiasm in their discipline. They are motivational personalities, generous with their time in supporting their teammates, and encourage the continual development of their team.

Who always goes above and beyond in their sport? These individuals show true commitment and enthusiasm for their sport or team, and won’t give up when it gets tough. They don’t need to have won medals or be the best of the best (though they can be), but they do need to love getting involved.

Only individuals can be nominated for this Award.

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See an example of a great nomination:

Karlo Olalla won Sports Personality of the Year in 2020. Take a look at his nomination for inspiration:

Karlo has been an inspiration. He’s turned a team that hardly won a game last year into football Champions League finalists! He worked hard to make the football team more inclusive and successfully recruited an even spread of first, second, third and fourth years ensuring an increased, stable turnout each week, and altogether creating a real team spirit. Fate was not kind to him though; in an action emblematic of his commitment to CivSoc he put his body on the line to make a save which resulted in a fractured wrist. Karlo did not sit on the bench and fuelled by his enthusiasm for all things CivSoc he took on the role of manager, devising tactics and substitutions. Straight away he organised curry nights and socials which generated a real team bond. He arranged for CivSoc to have teams in every sport at the EPS Trophy, organised the annual engineering football derby against MechSoc and masterminded CivSoc’s victory, plus held an exhibition match with EPS Netball. What really makes Karlo stand out is his commitment to making sure everyone is included and creating real camaraderie amongst them, spurring the team on throughout the season. He also encouraged CivSoc’s new Secretary and Sports Sec to run for their committee positions and built keen relationships with other EPS societies. He’s earned a great deal of respect from his teammates. His efforts have forged friendships across year groups that will strengthen CivSoc for future years and inevitably produce teams that will last long after he graduates.

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