AFNOMAFNOM is the University of Birmingham's monkey-inspired Hacking Club. Our aim is to share our love of offensive hacking and cyber security with everyone and infect them with our enthusiasm! We do this because understanding threats and how attackers think is the best way to keep computers secure... and it's fun! We represent the University in both international on-line and UK-based on-site Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions. Follow us on Twitter @UoB_afnom or join our Slack channel to see what we are up to. You can find more information on our website or email us if you've got any questions.

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2018/2019 Year Review with AFNOM

AFNOM had a wonderful year participating in Capture The Flag competitions, ranking first in the BAE Systems CTF held at the School, and hosting their very own first CTF for EPS students! Andreea Radu tells us more.

Hello from AFNOM!

Hello and welcome to A Finite Number of Monkeys (AFNOM for short - because that's quite a mouthful!) we're really excited to be an EPS society from 2018!
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