Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham Society (formerly G.U.T.S)

the.p.u.bTheoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham, or The.P.U.B for short, brings together a variety of students for socials including regular trips to the pub where you can sit and chat to your favourite physics lecturers and all types of students. We welcome everyone, whether you're a Theoretical Physics student or simply interested in the topic, for fun nights of talking physics or whatever else takes your fancy.

To find out more email James on or join our Facebook group.

Latest news from The.P.U.B

The society formerly known as G.U.T.S

Following a change in leadership and more activities, the theoretical physics society is undergoing a re-brand. We're pleased to introduce The.P.U.B! Their new leader James Pallister tells us more.

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