EPS Inaugural Lecture Series

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is running a series of Inaugural Lectures to showcase the leading scientists who are pushing the boundaries in their disciplines.

The event marks an individual’s promotion to Professor, but also provides a rare opportunity to hear first-hand about their research.

These events are open to the public, and free of charge. Please click on the below headings to learn more and register for the event.

Miss the lecture? Some of the lectures were recorded; follow the links to find out more.

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Eyes for sore sites: a life of geophysics

Professor Nigel Cassidy delivering his Inaugural Lecture on geophysics

Feature article on the life and career of Nigel Cassidy, Professor of Geotechnical Infrastructure Engineering, who recently delivered his Inaugural Lecture, entitled 'Eyes for sore sites: a life of geophysics'

Casting: art to aerospace

Professor Nick Green (right) with support from his research technician (left) carries out a casting process in front of a room of people at his Inaugural Lecture

Feature article on the life and research of Professor Nick Green, Director of the High Temperature Research Centre and Professor of Manufacturing Technology at the University of Birmingham, who recently gave his Inaugural Lecture, entitled 'Casting: art to aerospace'.

To infinity and beyond

Feature on the career of Professor Chris Good, Deputy Head of the School of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham.

A journey through the underworld

Professor David Chapman delivering his Inaugural Lecture

The capacity audience at Professor David Chapman's Inaugural Lecture were treated to his dramatic tunnel collapse experiment.

The Magic of Radio

Profile on the life and research of Professor Costas Constantinou, an internationally leading expert on communications engineering, specifically radiowave (RW) propagation.

Making Problematic Ground Safe

Ian is an international expert in why the ground shifts and – at times – collapses, often at great financial and emotional cost, and is involved in engineering new and smart techniques to make it safe.

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