EPS student news

Revitalizing the EESE Society


The Electrical Engineering Society as spent the term providing a wide variety of events for their members. From Industrial Talks to socials, a new social media boost and the Winter Ball - there's plenty to talk about!

News of the Chemistry Society in 2022


Last semester was certainly an improvement on the previous academic year as restrictions allowed for in-person events to take place. And there's plenty more to come as their Secretary Isaac tells us.

A winning term for Engineering Eagles Hockey Club

team photo 2021

Engineering Eagles is one of the University's largest Campus League clubs. After an incredible recruitment in September they decided to introduce a third team thanks to the high demand. So far, it's been a huge success!

Economics Society achievements autumn term 2021-22


Post-pandemic, EconSoc committee recognise they have a huge challenge ahead. But never fear, they had the tenacity to overcome that challenge! Thanks to their enthusiasm, they've had their biggest ever recruitment drive!

The return of AeroSoc!


AeroSoc has finally had an eventful term following the lockdown last year! And we began the semester by finishing what we started 2 years ago, our drones. President and Co-President Alex and Lamyea tell us more.

WISE's 2021 rewind!


With the return to normalcy, WISE have been nothing short of busy! They've held several socials, training workshops and been able to bring their award-winning outreach scheme back into schools. Alisha Dordi tells us more

Autumn 2021: A promising term for BEaMS!


After recruiting a new committee alongside new members at the start of the year, BEaMS are booming! They've held their first events and been involved in speaker series and focus groups. Omar Lamrani tells us more.

New year, same CivSoc

CivSoc logo

With the return of students to campus CivSoc has grown from strength to strength over the past semester, benefitting both old and new members alike. Society President Gianluca Abbate tells us what they've been busy doing

The BUMS are back in town!


After a year of social isolation, boredom and an empty school building, the Materials Society are back with avengance! They've held socials, quizzes, meals and careers events to great success. Alex Dhesi tells us more.

It's so great to be back in person!

AstroSoc logo

AstroSoc is the society for anything and everything to do with the astronomy, the night sky and observing. Chair Anwesha tells us why it's so good to be back!

A brilliant first year for Women in Tech!

WIT logo

This year, the Women in Tech society has truly flourished, running a variety of virtual events throughout both semesters. The committee reflect on their year and share exciting results from the EPS Societies' Awards!

Navigating the virtual year with UBVR

Virtual Reality Society logo

What a brilliant first year for the Virtual Reality Society, including the creation of a virtual Old Joe and other VR workshops! The outgoing UBVR President Ramsha reflects on the year and looks toward the future.

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