EPS student news

WISE sit still?? Never!


During lockdown, a period when the rest of the world stood still, it was a busy time for WISE as we prepared for the forthcoming year and all the challenges it brings.

Viva Aerosoc!


Despite the difficult circumstances, we have continued to thrive and work together as one......except when we're competing over drones! Co-President George Duggal tells us more.

Introducing the Women in Tech Society

As devoted students at the University of Birmingham, we believe that community support is the key to encourage success and growth during these uncertain times. That's why we created the Women In Tech society!

A riveting discussion with Yvonne Baker

As part of Yvonne's visit to the University to deliver her Distinguished Lecture, SATNAV were invited to be a part of a roundtable discussion, allowing students to get answers and advice directly from her.

Birmingham, STEM Ambassadors and Me

Yvonne Baker, Birmingham graduate and Chief Executive of STEM Learning delivered the 2020 EPS Distinguished Lecture. Best known for creating STEM Ambassadors, she is passionate about STEM education opportunities for all.

WISE: Equal and inspiring


This year has been fantastic for WISE! We held our very first collaborative event with oSTEM and BEaMS, continued our WISE Inspire! series, expanded our award-winning outreach scheme and collaborated more than ever.

Kicking off 2020


BUMS have started 2020 off right! It was trophies galore for their sports teams and plenty of awards to be won. Not to mention the annual Materials Ball! Co-Presidents Emma and Anna tell us what they've been up to.

Hello from Aerosoc!


A big hello and welcome from Aerosoc! We're now a year old and so far we've come a long way with lots of new and exciting events happening! President Josh Ruck talks us through the Autumn Term

BUMS' first term of 2019!


It's been a busy start to the academic year for the Materials Society! We've welcomed a new cohort of students and run lots of exciting social events to get everyone involved. Co-Chair Anna tells us more.

It's been a jam-packed term!

AstroSoc logo

We've had such a fantastically time with the AstroSoc schedule they starting before the academic year began! Tutku Kolcu tells us more.

Expand and collaborate with WISE


What a busy semester for WISE – we've had our first Inspire event, expanded our outreach scheme and collaborated more than ever!

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