Computer Science

Computer Science

Computers are a core part of our lives, and virtually everything has a connection to computing now. Computer scientists are responsible for creating and developing huge internet-based programs such as Google and Facebook, designing new computer games and creating software for medical imaging, among many other things.


The Security and Privacy Group in the School of Computer Science is recognised as an EPSRC/GCHQ Academic Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity Research.


Computer Science might be for you if you:

  • Like working with computing systems and programming
  • Enjoy problem solving and working out how to do things in different ways

Real world research:

  • Developing autonomous robots that learn how to act intelligently and independently in real-world environments while understanding 3D space and how this chance over time.
  • Investigating cyber security and privacy issues that affect everyone as we live in an increasingly technology-dependent world. 

Possible careers:

Our graduates are employed by major companies in industry, including Apple, Expedia, Goldman Sachs, Google, GCHQ, JP Morgan, Sony, PwC, Rolls Royce and the European Space Agency. T

hey work in roles such as software application developers and engineers, games developers, robotics engineers, artificial intelligence, financial computing analyst, security software engineers and web designers.


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