From the analysis of financial markets to modelling a brain tumour’s rate of change, from earthquake prediction to building aeroplanes, there is one common theme – mathematics. Mathematics is all about solving problems rather than just doing calculations. As you progress in mathematics the reasoning becomes more important than simply getting the right answer.


Former academic members of staff in the Department of Mathematics Physics, Professor David Thouless and Professor Mike Kosterlitz were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2016. Their research in topology, which paved the way for quantum computers and other technologies was first published when they worked at the University in 1973.


Mathematics might be for you if you:

  • Like solving problems and puzzles
  • Enjoy investigating trends and identifying patterns
  • Like formulating strategies and models

Real world research: (include links to research pages)

Possible careers:

Our former students often work in finance, management, accounting, market research, actuarial science, civil service or for the government.


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