A Day in the Life of a Chemical Engineering Student

James shows you his average day as a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Birmingham.


James: Hi, I’m James. I’m a fourth year Chemical Engineering student here at Birmingham. I’m just off to the lab. Let me show you around. Throughout the course I have sessions here in the labs to apply everything that I’ve learnt. Just as well too, we learn a lot. Like fluid dynamics, fluidisation, thermodynamics. Time for a coffee break I think. This is the atrium, an ideal place to relax with your course mates. The staff here are really friendly and approachable. 

Jagjit: Hey, do you think we can get some work done in the Garner Suite now? 

James: Yeah. 

I spend a lot of my time up here, writing up course work and using technical software. These guys are discussing their third year design project in the meeting room. That was me last year. When you start you’ll have about fifteen hours of lectures a week with plenty of additional tutorials to help you understand the material. Some are even led by fourth years, like me. 

After you’re done for the day you’ll probably want to unwind with one of the 190 student groups on campus. For me, nothing beats a dance with the Ballroom and Latin Society.