A Day in the Life of an Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering Student

Dan, Hashu and Helen take you on a tour of a typical Day in the Life of a Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering Student at the University of Birmingham.


Helen: Hey Dan, are you coming? We’re going to be late for this lecture at 9. 

Lecturer: Good morning everybody. Thank you very much for coming along to this morning’s lecture. 

Daniel: Hashu? 

Hashu:  Oh, is the tutorial in here? 

Daniel:  Yeah, I think so. 

Hashu: OK. 

Lecturer:  OK, good morning everyone. Welcome to tutorial four. 

Hashu:  Do you understand this, because I don’t understand it at all. I think I’d better ask one of the post-graduates. Ah, OK. I understand that a lot better now. Thank you. 

Helen:  Fancy a drink, Dan? 

Hashu: Oh, it’s time for lab actually. 

Helen: Time to go. 

Hashu: My lab group’s over there. Do you want to come and see what I’ve done so far? 

Daniel: Sounds good. 

Hashu: Yeah, sure.

Helen: Did you see the working robot down the other end of the lab? I’m done for the day now. Are you going to be at the social tonight? 

Daniel: Yeah, sure. 

Helen: Cool. Let’s go.