A Day in the Life of a Mathematics Student 

Joy and Vanesa show you around the School of Mathematics and what it is like to study at the University of Birmingham. 


Joy: Hi, my name is Joy and I study Maths at the University of Birmingham. I'm off to my first lecture of the day. I live in Mason in the Vale Village which is only 15 mins away from the heart of the campus.

Most of my first year lectures have been in the Physics Poynting Lecture Theatre. We have twelve lectures a week on top of labs, workshops and example classes. We're given problem sheets every week that contribute to our module grades. It's helpful to work on these with other people in the maths learning centre where postgraduate help is also available, 'so Vanisa, how do you solve this problem?

Vanesa: I shall show you on the board. It's just like this... and that's it. When a student finds a problem difficult, lecturers are also available to ask in their office hours, or you can ask your personal tutor during your weekly tutor session.

Come with me to my computer lab at the learning centre. This is the learning centre. It's next to the university train station and it's an alternative study space with lots of resources. No matter where you study, it is possible to access Web-CT online, providing access to digital lecture notes, questions and quizzes. In our computer labs we learn basic programming and use different maths software including Matlab and Maple.

University isn't just about your degree. You can take a swim, train at the gym or play as part of an orchestra right on campus. There are opportunities to join sports clubs, societies, volunteer or work. These services are all based in the Guild of Students. At the end of the day it's great to come to Joe's Bar and have a couple of drinks with friends.