A Day in the Life of a Physics Student

Dwayne and Sam show you their typical day as a Physics student at the University of Birmingham.


Sam: Hi, I’m Sam and I’m on the MSci Physics course. 

Dwayne: And I’m Dwayne, I’m on the BSc Particle Physics course. The average day in the life of a physicist has lots of variety. I have labs in an hour. 

Sam: And I have a lecture. Typically we have between fourteen and eighteen, 50 minute lectures a week. 

Dwayne: Practiacal work is an essential part of the degree. As a first year I have five hours of labs each week. There is always someone on hand to help if I get stuck. 

Sam: Once a week I have a four person tutorial which means I can go through recent material in more detail. 

Lecturer: So Sam, where would you start with this problem? 

Dwayne: We also have regular computing sessions where we learn to programme in C++ and Matlab. Since they start from scratch, you don’t need any prior coding experience. Studying Physics at Birmingham is not just about the degree. 

Sam: Tonight I’m spending a couple of hours with the Computer and Video Games Society. Later I’m meeting up with some course mates for a quiz, hosted by the Poynting Phsyical Society. 

Dwayne: At the end of the day I like to come to Joe’s to relax with my friends. Right, bye guys. I’ll see you all next week. And I’ll see you next year.