Dr Priya Manimaran, Computer Science Lecturer, University of Birmingham Dubai

Pyria Manimaran

What got you interested in the subject area of Computer Science?

I am always interested in logical problem solving techniques and computer science is an area that uses it to the extreme and develops beneficial and innovative systems for almost all industries such as engineering, science, business and healthcare.

Who do you admire within your field, and why?

From George Devol who invented the first digital and programmable robot, I pretty much admire all the computer scientists in the field of robotics, particularly in neurorobotics who work towards creating a new generation of computing systems with cognitive skills that helps to improve the quality of life for those in need. (e.g. Alzheimers, Motor Neuron Dysfunctionality)

What do you think is the future for Computer Science?

With lots of progression in implementation of computer science such as artificial intelligence, data science, quantum computing, the future is very tangible and we will see computing as a part of everything that runs our lives.

What are you looking forward to most about the campus in Dubai? 

I am familiar with the lifestyle, culture and expectation of students in that region as I was working in the Heriot Watt University, Dubai campus for 7 years. However, being a part of the University of Birmingham, a top 100 University which has a well established reputation for research and teaching, I am hoping for a new challenge to appreciate the “Russell Group” teaching experience in a vibrant and ambitious city.