Student Profile - Amanda Field

MEng Materials Engineering, School of Metallurgy and Materials

Amanda Field"The department is lovely and there are loads of great facilities that we get to use as an undergraduate." 

Why did you originally apply to do your chosen course at Birmingham?

Birmingham was one of the best departments in the country for Materials Engineering, and when I came on an Open Day, the campus was so beautiful and the department was really friendly and all the students and academics were really enthusiastic. 

What do you think are the best points of your course?

We have quite a small course so all are lectures and classes are small so you don’t get forgotten. We also have weekly tutorial meetings which mean we can ask questions and your tutor can check you understand important principles. As we are a small course, we also socialise a lot. We often have lunch together and go for meals or pub quizzes.

What’s the best thing about studying at the University of Birmingham?

The campus is really pretty and it’s nice that everything is in one place rather than going all over a city. The department is lovely and there are loads of great facilities that we get to use as an undergraduate. Being so near to Birmingham city centre is great too, I love going shopping in the bullring. 

What’s your highlight of your time at the University?

I’ve made great friends and it’s so nice to come home at the end of the day and just relax and have fun with my housemates. It’s been really nice to be independent and you learn a lot more than just what’s on your course. 

What advice would you give to students thinking about studying on the course?

Go for it! It’s a great course. There are loads of different things you can do after university with a Materials degree, and it’s really interesting. 

Is there anything extra students thinking about studying on the course should know?

It’s a challenging course but you get a lot out of it. You have to work consistently, and then nothing gets out of hand. If you leave things to the last minute you end up getting more stressed than you need to be!