Life and Environmental Sciences and COVID19

Colleagues and teams from across the College of Life and Environmental Sciences are working together to address the impact of COVID-19. From cutting-edge genome mapping to protecting mental health, air pollution to sanitation, our research is helping to tackle the wide-reaching individual, social and environmental implications of the virus.

Institute for Mental Health: Mental Health and COVID-19


We’re continuing our research into mental health during the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

Staying active in older age

older exercise

Practical exercise tips for people aged 60 and over on staying active, even in isolation, from researchers at the Universities of Birmingham and Bath.

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In the media

New Covid strain: How worried should we be?, 15 Dec 2020 (comment from Professor Nick Loman)

Mutated coronavirus strain '10 times more infectious' found in Indonesia, 30 Aug 2020 (comment from Professor Nick Loman)

Pandemic is a ‘wake-up call for water security’ Process Engineering, 1 Sept 2020 (comment from Profesor David Hannah) 

New Covid-19 mutation 'helping outbreaks spread faster around the world', 22 July 2020 (comment from Professor Nick Loman)

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