Why a fellowship at the University of Birmingham?

Aston Webb

Your choice of host institution is an important one to make and you should think carefully about where the most appropriate place for you may be.

Reviewers will expect you to be able to justify your choice of host institution and will want to see that you will receive an appropriate level of support, both in terms of the standard career development package that is open to all staff, and in terms of any additional support as part of the host’s commitment to you. 

The University of Birmingham offers a vibrant working environment where opportunities for collaboration and mentoring by world leaders in nationally-recognised centres of excellence arise frequently. There are a wealth of facilities and resources available to life and environmental scientists, including the Biohub, the Business Engagement Team, and links with Local Enterprise Partnerships

A world-leading research environment 

The University of Birmingham prides itself on both its world-leading research and its dynamic and globally-oriented research environment. It is therefore committed to supporting the development of its research staff, and to the principles of the concordat to support the career development of researchers. We offer an array of personal development and training opportunities through our PERCAT (Postdoctoral/ Early Researcher Career Development And Training) and POD (People and Organisational Development) initiatives. 

Birmingham is a wonderful place to live, study and work, and has been named one of the top ten cities in the world. Birmingham’s size, facilities, history and influence also make the city a brilliant place in which to conduct research. 

Cutting-edge research facilities

A fellowship within the College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES) at the University of Birmingham affords brilliant access to cutting-edge research facilities. Other Life and Environmental Sciences- relevant research facilities include:

Access to clinical trials 

The University is co-located with three major hospitals, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT), Birmingham Women and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (BWC), and is a member of Birmingham Health Partners, offering brilliant access to clinical environments for your research. 

The University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU) is a leading national clinical trials unit on site which specialises in the design, conduct and analysis of definitive clinical trials and test evaluation studies. The West Midlands regional population of nearly six million people ensures a large and ethnically diverse pool of patients, ensuring Birmingham is a competitive place to conduct clinical trials.