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The LES and EPS PERCAT project is led by a steering committee, comprised of key stakeholders within the College. The Committee’s role is to ensure that initiatives undertaken by PERCAT are as effective as possible, in making your time as an Early Career Researcher/ Fellow within the College, as rewarding as possible.


The Chair of the committee rotates among the post-doc Reps of the different schools in LES and EPS.


EPS Reps

Chemical Engineering Rep Lucy Arkinstall View Lucy's Rep profile
Chemical Engineering Rep Pranav Vasanthi View Pranav's Rep profile
Chemistry Rep Jennifer Frommer View Jennifer's rep profile
Chemistry Rep Amanda Pearce View Amanda's rep profile
Computer Science Rep Martin Rudorfer View Martin's rep profile
Engineering Rep Omid Doustdar View Omid's rep profile
Engineering Rep Sha Luo View Sha's rep profile
Mathematics Rep Azar Gholamipour-Shirazi View Azar's rep profile
Mathematics Rep Galane Luo View Galane's rep profile
Metallurgy and Materials Rep Mary Taylor View Mary's rep profile
Metallurgy and Materials Rep Richard Turner View Richard's rep profile
Metallurgy and Materials Rep James Wade-Zhu View James's rep profile
Physics and Astronomy Rep Warrick Ball View Warrick's rep profile
Physics and Astronomy Rep Niladri Sahoo  
Physics and Astronomy Rep Lalitha Sairam View Lalitha's rep profile

LES Reps

Biosciences and BBSRC Rep Sarah Lee View Sarah's rep profile
Biosciences Rep Santosh Kumar View Santosh's rep profile
GEES Rep Susanne Börner View Susanne's rep profile
GEES Rep Liam Kelleher View Liam's rep profile
Psychology Rep Jasper van den Bosch View Jasper's rep profile
Sportex Rep Thomas Withers View Tom's rep profile
Rep for New EPS & LES International Postdocs Rama Ambur View Rama's rep profile

Academic and Supporting Staff

Deputy Director of Research - LES           Professor Lee Chapman  
Deputy Director of Research - EPS Professor Chris Baber  
People and Organizational Development Vincent O'Grady  
PERCAT Officer Jennifer Thomson  
Deputy Director of Operations
(Research and Knowledge Transfer), LES
Victoria Cabrera-Sharp  


Head of MDS PERCAT Zania Stamataki  
Life Sciences Researcher Development Manager Gaynor Miller