Dr Andreea Radu

PERCAT Rep for the School of Computer Science Dr Andreea

What is your academic background and your current research field?

I am a Research Fellow with the Centre for Cyber Security and Privacy, part of the School of Computer Science. My current project is concerned with the security of contactless payment systems. Previously, I received my MSc in Computer Science in 2013 from University of Birmingham, I went on to work as a Research Associate for a year, then studied for a PhD, exploring the security of the in-vehicle networks.

What is your role as a PERCAT Rep and how can postdocs in your school contact you?

As a PERCAT rep, my main goals are to create a more tight-knit community for all our CS postdocs, and to represent their views, needs and interests at College & University level. Also, I strongly support the courses run by PERCAT for ECRs, and I encourage our postdocs to take advantage of them, having myself benefited from them.

I can be contacted via email, and I am always happy to arrange for a (virtual) coffee to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have.

What do you feel are the benefits of the PERCAT programme for postdocs and what do you feel have been the benefits to you from being a postdoc rep?

PERCAT shines in its offer of resources for ECRs. The vast array of development and training courses means you will find support for your career plans, whether you intend on continuing in academia or switching to industry. Attending the courses also offer a great networking opportunity and who knows, you might find your next interdisciplinary collaborator at the next Grant Training workshop. For myself, being a PERCAT rep has opened my eyes to the vibrant ECR community we have at the University. Transitioning from PhD student, where I was heavily involved in the Staff Research Students Consultative Committee, to my RF role, I felt as though ECRs have less of a voice. However, PERCAT has shown me that we are a valued part of the research community.