Dr Lauren Andres 

Dr Lauren Andres, a Lecturer in Spacial Planning at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, describes in 60 seconds her research in the new geographies of economic regeneration. 

60 seconds with Dr Lauren Andres

My name is Lauren Andres, I am an urban planner with expertise in the field of human geography. I am passionate about how cities evolve and get regenerated as a result of a range of influences.In my research, I interview policy makers and members of the community and I support my findings by reviewing policy documents and planning strategies.

I have recently co-lead a project looking at the new geographies of regeneration economies and how they affect the transformation of places, people and production. We worked closely with interested parties, including local decision makers and local companies. This is hugely topical with the current political interest in economic restructuring.

I am also fascinated by how temporary creative uses, such as; pop-up shops and festivals, can shape spaces and transform cities. This temporary urbanism is still an under-researched topic and there is a need to better understand how flexible urban planning can enable temporary uses, which can sustainably impact our living environment in the future.

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