International alumni

More than 28,000 alumni reside in all corners of the globe who we’ve trained in the fields of medicine, biomedical sciences, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. 

Mohammed Quraishi, Medicine | Core Surgical Trainee Year 2

Mohammed Kamil Quraishi read Medicine at his time at the University. During Medical School he partook in several extracurricular activities.

Muhammad Nur Arif Abdul Rassip, MBChB, 2009 | Medical Officer

After graduating in 2009, Muhammad progressed his medical career in his home country Malaysia before undergoing training in Psychiatry.

Taagbara Abaate, Masters of Public Health | Junior Doctor

Taagbara is now a junior doctor at All Souls Hospital in Agege, Lagos within the General Practice Unit. The role involves talking to patients about their problems, (clinical history & examination) carrying out investigations and treating them.

Shivir Moosai, MBChB, Core medical trainee 2 doctor

Shivir is a Core Medical Trainee with King's College Hospital NHS Trust.