Brum Dine With Me

Birmingham (various locations)
Medical and Dental Sciences
Friday 28th September 2012 (12:00-21:00)
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Supported by the European Union, Birmingham is one of 53 cities across Europe celebrating the role of research in people’s lives on the 28th September. We are delighted to be collaborating with Birmingham City Council, Brindley Place and the mac birmingham on this exciting venture. From giant art exhibits showing what the city ate for lunch, demonstrations of how we’re redesigning food to be more healthy, hands-on experiments extracting DNA from fruit and vegetables to show you how similar and different we are, theatre shows and interpretative dance explaining the latest research, we are aiming to inspire and amuse everyone who is willing to look and listen.

You can find out more about the events and activities taking place as part of the Brum Dine With Me celebrations at their dedicated webpage: Brum Dine With Me